Providing innovative ideas, fast turnarounds, reasonable costs,
and dependable service.
Websites are a vital tool in marketing your company and services. Let us help design a professional website for your business.
Two-thirds of all Americans regularly use the Internet for email, research, education and entertainment. Let us help you get online. We can start from scratch take your information and pictures, or take your brochure, or other graphics and documents you already have and create an attractive, informative website.

Your business needs an online presence.
   •  Don't miss out on potential clients
   •  Add credibility to your business
   •  Introduce your business 24/7
   •  We complete the website
   •  We make the changes you want
   •  Then your site goes LIVE.

PowerPoint Designs
& Charts

If you are Looking for innovative solutions to power your existing business or to set up a new business add us to your services. You can either use our services or add our services as an additional service to your own business. 

Who may want to partner with us? Business Coaches, Life Coaches,  Freelancers, Educational Consultants, Safety Consultants, Resume Writers, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.

What Services could we partner with you on?
All of our services.
You take the credit we do the work.

Graphic Design

FLYERS, BROCHURES, NEWSLETTERS and ADS can be used as an inexpensive and easy tool for effective advertising. You send us your content, we create and design the document for you. If you are not sure of what content you would like to use, we can do that also.We use Microsoft Word, and provide your document in MS Word and PDF. We also have MS Publisher and other software packages available. Just tell us what you prefer.

Your clients and customers do pay attention to the visual features of your documents such as layout, color, and font.
Let us help you find the information you are seeking. We will search as many hours as you want - if you only want a few hours - we will - just tell us how much information you require.

Completed research includes a detailed report on findings in a word document along with a PDF Version - your information will include the URL where the data was found, the author, photos, and anything else relevant to the required research.

Resume Writers let us help you. Add a online resume with their own website.

   •  Online resume url (example:
   •  Qualification summary, portfolio,
      certificates, photo etc.
   •  Convert your online Resume later to your
      personal website
   •  Video introduction with your Online

Teach Me Classes


Learn how to:
   •  Use your computer, tablet or phone
   •  Create PowerPoint Presentations
   •  Create flyers, ads, brochures
   •  Design your own website
   •  Convert documents
   •  Create PDFs
•  Use software and hardware

Learn how to do everything we offer on this website. Personal one on one classes by phone, followed up with written instructions.

One Page Landing Page

Visit the webpage above to get an idea.

If you don't have a presence on the web and you really need one. Let us create a page that would include, who and what you do, photos if you want, if you have a audio we can include that, add your logo, contact info etc. For a one time cost of 195.00 to design.

Complete Website Design

Let us Design your book or ebook for you! If you have a journal, manuscript, report, or document you would like to make either a book or ebook we can help. Simply send us the copy and we will design both the style of the book/ebook including a cover for you. We accept both hard copies and handwritten copy.

The Common Ebook Format
The PDF format can be read on any platform - most all computers come with Adobe Acrobat Reader that allows all to read a PDF format.

Get a Cover for your ebook
Your cover is important also - that is what attracts a potential client or buyer to your book.

Ebooks, Books
& Cover

Email Marketing

Email Marketing benefits your business as an easy way to reach and keep your customers informed. Most everyone reads. Their emails from their cell phones also.Email Marketing is easy, effective, and inexpensive.

Partner with Us !

Online Research

Convert Documents
to PDF Formats or
PDFs to MS Word

A PowerPoint Presentation is a powerful tool used for presenting visually attractive information to your audience or students.

   •  Improve your professional image. 
   •  Easy to change and update. 
   •  Increase the way you reach your 
   •  Add logo and contact info
   •  Add charts
   •  Add a video or audio
   •  Add animations
   •  Present tutorials, reviews, or quizzes  
   •  Turn your Presentation into a video

Resume Writers


Online marketing
Add Listings to your website
Upload property photos and descriptions
Posting ads to Craigslist/similar sites
Ensuring all listings stay up to date
Responding to your hundreds of email inquiries.
Setting up your meetings
Managing your calendar so you never overbook

Realtor get the help you need.

Use us full time, part time, or by the hour. Choose how many hours you want.
Monitor incoming emails and answer or forward as required
Return calls
Type documents, reports and correspondence
Modify or create and design your website, logo
Proofread documents
Create and design flyers, ads, charts
Create and design PowerPoint Presentations
Convert PDFs to MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Convert to PDF
Create Templates
Maintain contact lists
Design and prepare monthly newsletters

Office Assistant

We can help you run your office smoothly.

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