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Website Design

Complete website design done for you or a redesign of your current website. Let us help you get online. We can start from scratch take your information and pictures, or take your brochure, or other graphics and documents you already have and create an attractive, informative website. A mobile site is included.

Email Marketing

It is estimated that 93% of marketers and 49% of consumers made a purchase as a direct result of receiving an email message, don't be left behind, advertise your business, services or product.   94% of the internet population send or read emails.

Powerpoint Presentations

Powerpoint Presentations works best for things that are presented visually, not verbally. It helps when you need to draw a picture. Keep your audience engaged instead of nodding off. Add audio,video, graphs and charts. Below are videos of Powerpoint Presentations I have created..

Online Research

Let us help you find the information you are seeking. We will search as many hours as you want - if you only want a few hours - we will - just tell us how much information you require.  Completed research includes a detailed report on findings in a word document along with a PDF Version - your information will include the URL where the data was found, the author, photos, and anything else relevant to the required research.

Social Media

Website and Graphic Design for your business. Get your presence online with your website. Get your banners for Facebook, Twitter,  logo design and other social media badges, ads, and timeline banners.

Resume Design

If you are looking for a job or career change you are going to have to submit a strong, targeted resume and cover letter. A resume outlines your career experience and highlights your accomplishments and achievements in one or two pages. No way around it - you will need a resume.     •  A proper and personalized resume provided as a Word document    •  A PDF version    

More Services

Tech Support

Get  real support,, ask a question  get a answer. Written  copy enclosed .

Logo Design

Get a logo let your  company  stand out!!

Flyers, Ads, Brochures

Match to your website.

LIVE Answering Service

We can answer those  calls for you.


Yes,  we can help.

Books, ebooks, Covers

We can design and format.

Meet Susan

Let her help you grow your business!

Susan grew up as a "army brat" spent most of her early years traveling between Germany, California, Texas and more. 

Later on she worked in many different Art Departments as a typesetter for a number of printing and advertising companies.She worked for the Old Time Gospel Hour as a typesetter producing their magazine "The Fundamentalist Journal." for many years.  After leaving the Old Time Gospel Hour, she decided to purchase a computer, software and business equipment to start her own business. At first she placed local newspaper ads and gained local clients. Realizing this business was working, she placed ads online and started contracting her services.  Making a long story short she has provided and provides her services for clients in New York since 2000 as Tech Support for a software product they sell, answer to over 250 affiliates for the company, and provide graphic and website support. 

For another client she provides online research. She has a number of clients she has designed websites for from Texas, Tennessee, New Mexico, Virginia, North Carolina, California, the UK and more.   

All of her clients continually use her services. Give them a call for references.  

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