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Meet Susan

Susan grew up as a "army brat" spent most of her early years traveling between Germany, California, Texas and more. Later on she worked in many different Art Departments as a typesetter for a number of printing and advertising companies.She worked for the Old Time Gospel Hour as a typesetter producing their magazine "The Fundamentalist Journal." for many years.  After leaving the Old Time Gospel Hour, she decided to purchase a computer, software and business equipment to start her own business. At first she placed local newspaper ads and gained local clients. Realizing this business was working, she placed ads online and started contracting her services.  Making a long story short she has provided and provides her services for clients in New York since 2000 as Tech Support for a software product they sell, answer to over 250 affiliates for the company, and provide graphic and website support. For another client she provides online research. She has a number of clients she has designed websites for from Texas, Tennessee, New Mexico, Virginia, North Carolina, California, the UK and more.   All of her clients continually use her services. Give them a call for references.  Let her help you grow your business!