Life Coach University


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Do you like helping others?  Do you feel that you could teach others to lead an organized and structured life?  Do you have an organized and structured life yourself?  If answered yes to all of these questions, then I've got the perfect career for you... a life coach! 

Includes 3 Newsltters nicely done, articles, images and of course the book.

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Great Job Hunt eBook


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A  click book of  job sites and job search engines.  One download send to clients over and over.  PDF  Format.

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Career Climber


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Career planning is very essential for you to have a clear view and understanding of actions you must do as you take one step forward to your career success. When you plan your progress, you must define your goals and seek to formulate effective ways to achieve your objective. 

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Your First Thousand


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Throughout the course of this book, we're going to go through every stage involved in the creation and sale of digital products. In particular we're going to focus heavily on how you actually go about launching your product and generating huge sales 

Includes book, and instructional videos,