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We will search as many hours as you want - if you only want a few hours - we will - just tell us how much information you require. 

Completed research includes a detailed report on findings in a word document along with a PDF Version - your information will include the URL where the data was found, the author, photos, and anything else relevant to the required research. 

Types of Research Academic, Arts & Humanities - Fine Arts, History, Literature, Philosophy,Business & Economics - Accounting, Economics, Employment, Tax, Computers & Internet - Hardware, Software, Internet, Programming, Education - K-12, Higher Ed., Special Ed., Teachers, Health & Medical Sciences - Diseases, First Aid, Injuries, Public Health, and more Law, Government & Political Science - Reference - Almanacs, Genealogy, Quotations, Trivia, Science & Technology - Chemistry, Electronics, Engineering, Math, Social Sciences - Ethnicity, Gender & Sexuality, Sociology, and more  

Data Mining 

Are you looking to advertise your business or service and don't have a contact list? We can search the internet for you - tell us what audience you want to target.  

For example: Attorneys, Authors, Business, Career Coaches, Life Coaches, Organizations, Churches, Educational Consultants, Safety Consultants, Speakers, Realtors, Event Planners, Nutritionists, Insurance Agents, Financial Advisors, Therapists, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Let us do your research, we charge $15.00 a hour, buy a block of time.

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