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Let us help you find the information you are seeking.

We will search as many hours as you want - if you only want a few hours - we will - just tell us how much information you require. 

Completed research includes a detailed report on findings in a word document along with a PDF Version - your information will include the URL where the data was found, the author, photos, and anything else relevant to the required research. 

Types of Research Academic, Arts & Humanities - Fine Arts, History, Literature, Philosophy,Business & Economics - Accounting, Economics, Employment, Tax, Computers & Internet - Hardware, Software, Internet, Programming, Education - K-12, Higher Ed., Special Ed., Teachers, Health & Medical Sciences - Diseases, First Aid, Injuries, Public Health, and more Law, Government & Political Science - Reference - Almanacs, Genealogy, Quotations, Trivia, Science & Technology - Chemistry, Electronics, Engineering, Math, Social Sciences - Ethnicity, Gender & Sexuality, Sociology, and more  

Data Mining 

Are you looking to advertise your business or service and don't have a contact list? We can search the internet for you - tell us what audience you want to target.  

For example: Attorneys, Authors, Business, Career Coaches, Life Coaches, Organizations, Churches, Educational Consultants, Safety Consultants, Speakers, Realtors, Event Planners, Nutritionists, Insurance Agents, Financial Advisors, Therapists, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

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