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Fairhaven Behavorial Health

Fairhaven Behavioral Health is a small, private practice counseling group.  We offer diagnostic and mental health treatment for children, adolescents, adults, couples, & families. Business & personal coaching available as well. Academic coaching/tutoring is also offered. m service. 

Counselor, Mediator, Coach, Career Counselor, Crisis Counselor, ADHD expert - 330-940-2522 https://fairhavenbehavioralhealth.com


We believe in working with the entire person, family, and group to ensure both immediate and long term success. 

We know that remaining open minded, respectful, and client centered at all times through a growing process creates for optimal outcomes.  

Private Practice Owner, 

ADHD Coach, Psycho-Therapy, Parent Coach - 978.239.2193 https://addventuresinliving.com/

Legacy Weekend

Legacy Weekend (LW) offers a “Roadmap” to start purposefully shaping your future by enabling you to: 

  • Take stock of your current reality 
  • Evaluate what are the things you most enjoy doing
  • Envision future options 
  • Create an initial plan to start moving toward your desired future

Call  575-751-7422  or email  Leslie@hcgroup.org 


Pursuit Talent Recruiting

At Pursuit Talent Recruiting, a women-owned agency since 2010, we have been matching the right candidates with the right clients by getting to know the needs of both, down to the smallest detail. In today’s competitive marketplace companies can only remain competitive by working with resources that bring value and skills tailored to their business goal. 

Looking to optimize your recruitment needs or are you seeking your next step? Contact Molly: 813-494-7592


Ruby May Staine Foundation li

Ruby May Staine Foundation likes to promote:

     H. O. P. E.





2266 West 29th Place, Los Angeles, CA 90018, US

(323) 273-0495


Highlands Consulting Group, Inc.

The mission of the Highlands Consulting Group is to support individuals at specific career and life transition points and to serve as a catalyst for change.  We offer distinct services to meet your personal and organizational needs.

Highlands Consulting Group    

Phone: 575-751-7422  Email: Info@hcgroup.org