Tech Support

Are you frustrated because you have purchased an expensive software product and you don't know how to use it? 

Are you tired of calling for technical support - only to - push the button for this or this button to listen to the menu choices again - confused about which one you should choose and you wait forever! Then once you are connected you are either transferred to another - where you begin the entire wait period over again and then to really top it off - when you are answered you can't understand them! 

Let us help. We don't know everything - but what we do know may help you from wasting time and money. We provide a wide range of support not just technical (hardware) but assistance with email or fax; basic software problems, creating documents, artwork, powerpoint presentations, how to create jpegs, banners, convert PDFs, create PDFs, printing issues and more. 

In other words we want to offer computer support services that help you the user solve specific problems with your software application or document creation. We can show you how to use your software and create your own documents, where and how to get FREE software, clipart, photos, and more. 

We offer simple - quick - easy solutions.When you dial our number a REAL PERSON answers! If we are on another line - you go right to voice mail where you leave your name and number.  

TECH HELP Easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Ask your question and get a WRITTEN answer - you can refer to over and over. You don't have to call a tech line - wait forever and pay - pay - and pay again for the same question you asked 2 months ago!   

  • Spyware & Viruses  
  • Browsers  
  • Internet Connection  
  • Learn how to use software applications: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Adobe Professional  

Learn how to: 

  • Create JPGs 
  • Convert Documents 
  • Create logos 
  • Create HTML emails  

Cost - 1 question 1 charge = $25.00 


Drop us a line!