Website Design


Build as you go Website 

$75.00 per page

Complete 10 page website  

Includes hosting and domain name. 

Includes monthly maintenance, stock photos, clipart, logos, downloadable PDFs, files, and testimonals.  PayPal buttons  Social media  



22% Down Payment Required  

(Covers our time, domain cost and hosting costs to get started. In case you start and decide you don;t want to contine.)

Remaining  balance due upon completion of website.

Already have  a domain  and hostinng  package and just  need a design. $75.00 a  page.

One Page Landing page 

Includes logo, video, audio, contact info. These pages are usually used to advertise a product for sale or a giveaway. Leads them to your main website or a way of getting email collected.

Resume Website 

Get your resume online, free hosting, free domain name for one year. After the year your resume site comes down at that time you decide to keep and turn into your business site, or let go.

Website Package

Get Website, Brochure, Flyer, AD, Domain, Hosting,

We design and build your website - includes domain name, maintenance and hosting, video you have, audio you have, photos you have or we can provide photos, clipart, photo touch up, add PDF downloads, convert your documents to PDF if needed, add your brochure for download. 

We design your brochure to match your website and add the brochure as a downloadable pdf on your website. Including your website address, your email, and contact info.  

We design your business card - to match your website design. Including your website address, your email, and contact info. 

We design your flyer to match your website design.  eBook - This is a very unique method. All you have to do is write a short report or book that provides people with valuable information. We will design the content and cover of your ebook up to 30 pages in PDF format, index and include links back to your website in the eBook. We will also create and provide your eBook cover. 

Website Design Package includes:  •  Design and Build your website (up to 15 pages) •  Domain Name (cost included with package) •  Hosting (cost included with package) •  Design your Brochure (cost included with package) •  Design your Business Card (cost included with package) •  Design your Flyer (cost included with package) •  Design your eBook in PDF and Word format •  (cost included with package - 3-20 pages) •  Design your eBook cover as a jpeg and png •  (cost included with package)  

Cost for Package: $2,600.00 $350.00 deposit required to get started Balance due upon completion of website. 

Your brochure, business card, flyer, and eBook released at same time.